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Pamela Paterson

Pamela Paterson

Best-Selling Author & International Speaker

Best-Selling Author & International Speaker


"Writers and cats have one thing in common: sitting in the same spot for hours."

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How I Got here

Pamela Paterson started scribbling before she even knew what a sentence was, and by ten, she was published in the local Stony Plain Reporter. Then, as a teenager, she was published in a national contest, the Canadian Authors Association’s Alberta Poetry Yearbook. After spending what felt like a million years writing and editing press releases for the federal government and then trying to stay awake while writing computer manuals, she dove back into writing and publishing books. This switch led to two international Amazon best-sellers and several fiction and nonfiction books.

What i've done so far


Pamela talks. A lot. To 10 people or 2000. If talking were an Olympic sport, she'd have a gold medal from almost every continent. With over 200 presentations from Canada to Asia (and some places that might not even be on the map), she dives deep into business analysis, systems engineering, and how to get out of a boring conversation at parties. Information design? Journalism? Presenting fears? She's got it all. If you need something simplified—whether it's chatting with stakeholders or figuring out where you left your keys—Pamela's your go-to!

Feedback on Pamela’s speaking

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“Excellent insight”

“Very popular session, standing room only”

“Engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge”

“Qualified and effective speaker”

“Engaging speaker”

“Provides practical advice”

What i've WRITTEN


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Reach out!

Now Pamela hangs out in picturesque Kingston, Ontario, sharing her digs with her hubby Tarek and their "landlord" cat, Gomez (who occasionally permits them to sit on the sofa) while designing computer systems and writing her next novel. You can contact Pamela here!

Land Acknowledgment

Pamela acknowledges that she is on the traditional homeland of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and the Huron-Wendat and they have inhabited this land from the beginning.

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